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Hydroponic and Garden Equipment

We carry a full selection of hydroponic systems and irrigation supplies such as tubing, submersible pumps, air pumps, air stones, drippers, sprayers, misters, pots, containers, cloning systems, neoprene collars, garden accessories such as heating mats, short and long handle tools, bamboo and metal stakes, trellis netting and more. We also carry terra cotta pots, plastic pots and hanging pots of all sizes.


Indoor and Outdoor Plants

We have a very large selection of indoor and outdoor plants which are purchased direct from the grower or are grown in our greenhouse.  We carry the usual and the unusual… from a plant one inch tall to seven feet tall… from the old standby Philodendron to a six foot sensation Peace Lily… from an African Violet to a wine-colored Oxalis… from a Begonia to a Chenille Foxtail… from Italian Basil to Greek Basil… from Bay Leaf to Mint… from groundcover English Ivy to Lamium… from Hosta to Forget-Me-Not… from Coleus to Osteospermum… from ornamental Peppers to winter Pansies… from organic Arugula to organic Tomatoes… we have these and more!  And our plants are cared for expertly by our manager of 23 years.  In addition, all indoor and outdoors plants are fertilized on a regular basis and are always in mint condition.  Every plant customer gets complete advice as to how to care for their plant which includes light, watering and fertilizer.  We also hand out fliers (written by us) on what to do and what not to do.  And our customers can bring in any plant they have (whether purchased in our store or not) if they think it is not doing well free of charge.  We can always tell them if anything is wrong and nip the problem in the bud.  We also teach our customers how they can clone their plants, and if purchasing seeds, we explain step by step how to get them to germinate and care for their new plants.  And most importantly, all our plants are of PREMIUM quality.  Please come in and see for yourselves.

Please always feel free to e-mail us regarding which plants to buy or any problems you might be having.  We pride ourselves in offering free expert advice to our customers.

Soils and Grow Media

We have been making and selling our own soil which contains worm castings and is well aerated for over 40 years. We also carry soil and soilless growing media such as peat moss, coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool, perlite (fine, coarse and chunky), vermiculite, several types of mosses and more.

Grow Lights

We carry a full selection of reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, environmental controllers and ventilation supplies (timers, thermostats, fans, filters, ducting, CO2 enrichment equipment), grow tents and more.

Nutrients, Fertilizers, Additives,

Pesticides and Fungicides

We carry an extensive variety of organic and non-organic nutrients and fertilizers, additives, organic pesticides and fungicides.  

General Hydroponics*AdvancedNutrients*Botanicare*Technaflora*DynaGro*House and Garden*

Humboldt Nutrients*Jacks Classic*Clonex*Supreme Growers*Espoma*Maxicrop* are some of the many lines 

that we carry.

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